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Mother Injured After Truck Hits Telephone Pole In Waltham

BOSTON (CBS) - A dump truck ran into a telephone pole on Bacon Street in Waltham injuring a woman on Thursday afternoon. The truck kept on going.

Louis Ladopoulos works at the garage across the street. "He didn't stop or anything - pulling wires and everything. I said, 'Whoa he's going to stop any minute.' No, he kept on going," said Ladopoulos.

Witnesses said a landscaper took a left on to Bacon Street hitting the Verizon telephone pole. The bottom of it shattered. A piece of it hit a woman in her 30's who was walking on the sidewalk with a child. Witnesses said she broke her arm. She was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Waltham truck
A landscaping truck allegedly knocked over a telephone pole in Waltham (Image from Katie Brace/WBZ)

Brian Leger owns Lou's Custom Exhaust, directly behind the damaged pole. "We don't have phone so we don't have any business right now, and you can see this is quite a mess to repair," said Leger.

When Verizon's temporary workers arrived to install a new telephone pole, striking employees were ready with taunts.

The driver went to the police station with his lawyer. He said he didn't know he hit anything.


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