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Woman Rescues Man, Dog From Water At Chestnut Hill Reservoir

BOSTON (CBS) –  A man and a dog were rescued from the Chestnut Hill Reservoir Tuesday by a jogger who noticed they were struggling.

Its appears the man was trying to rescue a dog after it chased a swan into the reservoir. He made it to the dog but then started to have trouble staying above water.

Katie Kellner said she was running in the area, saw what happened, and jumped in after them to help.

A man was taken to a local hospital after being rescued from Chestnut Hill Reservoir (WBZ-TV)

"They got about halfway into the res when the man finally caught the dog and as he was swimming back with the dog he started yelling that he was drowning. At that point, I took off my shoes real quick and swam in to grab him," she told WBZ-TV.

Kellner said while she was confident she would be able to save the man and the dog, the reservoir had quite a current. "I could see why the man was exhausted," she said.

Katie Kellner (WBZ-TV)

The man was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for observation and is expected to be OK. The dog is also fine.

"He was speaking to me and I was trying to speak with him to make sure he was responsive. But he was very out of breath and he kept repeating some of the same phrases, so I was a little bit worried about his conscious state ," said Kellner.

Boston College Coach Brian White frequents the area but said Tuesday's events are not common. "We're walking, jogging around all the time. I haven't seen anything close to anything like that. He said Kellner had "incredible courage, you're a hero, a heroine."

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