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Why Did Patriots Players Wear That Red Hat At Media Day?

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) -You may have noticed at Super Bowl Media Day in Indianapolis on Tuesday that several Patriots players were sporting a red colonial hat during their podium interviews.

Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, Devin McCourty and others wore the hat for at least parts of their interviews. But, why?

VH1 producer Peter Meadows handed the red hat to the athletes as part of a promotion for VH1's Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam this week. It's just another crazy thing you'll see at Media Day.

Peter Meadows
VH1's Peter Meadows, dressed in a leather helmet and hand-made uniform. (Photo Credit: Matt Geagan)

Meadows managed to get in a few questions to some of the players on both teams, asking Wes Welker if he can spell his coach's last name ("Belichick"). He could not.

As for an actual game prediction, Meadows is going with the Giants...or the Patriots...or both?

"I'm going Giants... in the first half. Patriots in the second half... and it's gonna go into overtime, and one of 'em's gonna win," said Meadows.

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