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Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Catherine Greig Moved To Halfway House In Mass.

BOSTON (CBS) - In a highly anticipated move, Catherine Greig is now at a halfway house in Massachusetts to serve out the rest of her federal prison sentence for helping Whitey Bulger. Sheriff deputies in Barnstable County assisted with her transport Wednesday, while Greig's family is anxiously awaiting her return.

Greig is the longtime girlfriend of the Boston mobster, who served a multi-year sentence for harboring a fugitive after being on the run with Bulger for 16 years.

Greig's sister Margaret McCusker says it was out of love and loyalty. "We don't choose the people we fall in love with," McCusker tells WBZ-TV. "It just happens she was faithful to him."

Catherine Greig
Catherine Greig. (Photo from U.S. Marshals Service)

Greig was faithful to the man convicted in the murders of 11 people while running a Boston crime ring from the 1970's through the 1990's. The notorious pair was finally arrested in Santa Monica, California in 2011.

Families of Bulger's victims say Greig could have eased their pain and given them closure decades ago.

"How evil does it get you know? And you're evil to run with someone like that, she don't have a decent bone in her body," Steve Davis told WBZ.

Steve Davis says been dealing with the pain of his sister's murder for more than half his life. Debbie Davis who dated Bulger's partner in crime, is widely believed to have been strangled by the mobster when she learned too much.

"It hurts," Davis said. "She could've put a close to it in the late 90s. She chose to keep her mouth shut."

Greig pleaded guilty to helping Bulger and identity theft and fraud a year later. Asked about Bulger's victims McCusker said, "I feel bad for them, I feel very bad, but she wasn't the cause of that. It was a difficult time for her, I don't believe she deserved to go to prison."

Sources say Barnstable County deputies outfitted Greig with a GPS monitoring device which is required until her release next year. Her sister says Greig had hoped to reach out to Bulger again, but he died in prison last October. "That's been very upsetting to her. The fact that he's gone is upsetting to her."

Greig was said to be a model inmate who helped train service dogs while in prison. The location of the halfway house has not been released.

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