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What's Next For Tacko Fall? TackoMania Will Overtake Maine With Red Claws

By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Fear not, Celtics fans. Tacko Fall isn't going anywhere.

Well, he'll be heading to Maine at some point. But The 7-foot-7 sensation remains Boston property after agreeing to a two-way deal with the C's over the weekend.

"I feel really comfortable here," Fall told reporters after Boston's preseason win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday. "I've gotten close to all the guys on the team. Everybody. The staff, I get along with everyone. I'm fortunate to keep my journey here."

Boston signed Fall as an undrafted free agent, viewing him as a project player worth a look in the summer league. Then the gentle giant took over everyone's summer slate in Vegas, engrossing hoop heads and novice fans alike at a time when basketball usually isn't on anyone's minds. Tackomania got real crazy real fast, and at that point, the Celtics had to know there would be no way they would have been able to sneak Fall onto their G-League team through waivers.

Now Fall has a two-way deal that works out great for all parties involved, unless Tacko isn't a fan of winter. The Celtics get to keep the big man in their organization, and the 23-year-old gets to see some consistent playing time while filling the seats in Maine with the Red Claws. TackoMania will follow him wherever he goes, and ticket sales are expected to skyrocket in Portland.

Will we get any Tacko Tuesdays in Boston? Perhaps. But in signing a two-way deal, Fall can now only spend a maximum of 45 days total with the Celtics. He'll spend the majority of his time with the Red Claws, honing in on his game and prompting people to dress like tacos a little further north. He may not be dunking from his tiptoes for the Celtics, but he'll be doing it within their organization.

As for the Celtics themselves, they can now carry Fall outside of their 15-man roster, giving them a free spot ahead of the season. They could leave that roster spot open, in hopes of adding a veteran later in the season, or award it to offseason/preseason standouts Mac Strus or Javonte Green.


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