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Weymouth Compressor Station Has Third Unplanned Release Of Natural Gas

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – There are growing concerns over the Weymouth compressor station after the third unplanned release of natural gas since September. Enbridge, the company that runs the station, said the venting on Tuesday was done safely and the community was not impacted.

The $100 million compressor was built to pump natural gas through Weymouth into Maine and Canada. It officially went online in January after neighbors spent years protesting the project citing health and safety risks.

Rep. Stephen Lynch said compressors like the one in Weymouth are usually built in rural communities, not densely populated areas.

"We don't think it needs to be in this place, we think the siting process was flawed," Lynch said. "All of these communities have been asking to have this plant shut down and I agree that's the safest thing we can do is have this plant shut down."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also weighed in on the compressor, asking in a tweet, "How many accidents need to occur" before the federal government shuts down the "environmental and safety nightmare."

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