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Website Helps Shoppers Find The Best Deals

BOSTON (CBS) - If it seems like everything is more expensive these days, it's not your imagination. Rising commodities prices on cotton, coffee and other materials are forcing manufacturers to raise prices. But now, there is a new and easy way to find a sale on whatever you need.

For Emilie Goldenberg, that's a TV and a long list of other household items. She recently moved to Cambridge from San Francisco and is working on furnishing a new apartment.

But like many of us, she's on a budget and that means if it's not on sale, she's not buying it. "My friends know I'm really into bargain shopping," she said.

WBZ-TV's Kate Merrill reports

Emilie does not waste time sifting through sale circulars and direct mail ads or even searching online for sales. She uses, a website that does all of the legwork for you. "You can search by specific product or brand name or pretty much anything that you are specifically looking for and that will show you what stores the product is on sale at," she said.

For example, if you are at home and you know you need bath towels, simply plug in your zip code and type in 'bath towels'. will pull up a list of every store with a sale on bath towels. When we tried it and found great deals on towels at Target, Kohls and JCPenny.

Salelocator is also great for shoppers who are already out and searching for good deals. Just download the mobile App and Salelocator will use the GPS on your smart phone to point out all the stores in the area with sales.

We are not just talking about malls and big box stores. Salelocator also works on groceries, tires, even liquor.

CEO Mike Falkson says the site allows you to save money, time and gas. The savings, he explained, depends on what you are shopping for. "You may save a couple of pennies on Pepsi at the grocery store, but a couple of hundred dollars on consumer electronics."

For Emilie, it's an easy way to get the most from her budget. "It's definitely saved me money," she said. "$20 or $30 here and there… it all adds up."

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