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Walpole Police Ticket Children For Good Behavior

WALPOLE (CBS) - Walpole Police Officer Paul Lagoa was busy patrolling the streets of Walpole Wednesday, when suddenly he saw a Jeep he wanted to pull over. But this traffic stop is not what you might expect.

"We saw your son stand by your side and walk with you to the car and he held your hand," Officer Lagoa said to the woman he pulled over.

Officer Lagoa is targeting six-year old Jack in the backseat, not for something bad, but what he did well.

This is all part of the Walpole Police chief's new initiative called "The Positive Ticket." When a kid does something right they want to celebrate it.

"When they realize you're more than just the badge and the blue shirt, it just melts your heart," Officer Lagoa said.

So Jack will get an ice cream coupon to Scoops in town and he's not the only one.

Arna was holding his mom's hand crossing the street.

Officer Lagoa
Walpole Police Officer Paul Lagoa and Arna (WBZ-TV)

"Next time you go to Scoops you bring this card and tell them Officer Paul sent you and you get a free ice cream," Officer Lagoa said.

The kids can hardly believe it. But the lights and sirens catch some by surprise.

Nine-year-old Marty was riding his bike and thought the worst.

"I thought that I was going to get in trouble," he said.

But instead, he gets an ice cream for wearing his bike helmet. But it was meeting a real police officer that seems to be the real treat.

"I've never gotten to talk to a police like this," Marty said.

"To put a smile on a kids face like that it's priceless you can't ask for anything else," Officer Lagoa said.

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