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Toucher & Rich's Ask A Bruins Pink Hat: 'Handsome Ralph'

Now that the Bruins have won a Stanley Cup the team will probably get more "pink hat" fans like the Red Sox did after they won the World Series in 2004. Adolfo was out at the Bruins parade on Saturday and wanted to see if people could answer some very simple Bruins questions. He met this young lady who told him that she's been a B's fan "for a long time" and her favorite player is Brad Marchand. Can she tell Adolfo what position her favorite player play? What about naming another position other than goalie or how about any former Bruins player? How many minutes in a period of hockey should be an easy question for any hockey fan, will she get it right. Will she be able to explain icing or name the coach of this B's team? Take a listen and hear her answers to these questions.


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