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Toucher & Rich Explore What Makes A Great Locker Room Attendant

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's a grim reality, but DeflateGate will never end. So why not have some fun?

Bob Kravitz was at it again on Thursday, with the Indy reporter talking with a former NFL official who was always a little suspicious of Patriots locker room attendant Jim McNally. According to Mark Baltz, McNally always wanted the game balls earlier than any other locker room attendant around the league, causing Baltz to raise a quizzical eyebrow whenever he worked at Gillette.

Toucher & Rich are skeptical.

"This guy is so full of crap," Fred said of Baltz. "I've made fun of everyone involved in this thing, and let me tell you, they couldn't be any more late to the party. This is someone getting together in 2015 and saying, 'What if we found three 20-somethings of each sex and put them in a coffee shop.' They are so late on this bandwagon. This thing has gotten stupid."

Take the report for what it is, because former NFL supervisor of officials Jim Daopoulos told Comcast SportsNet New England that McNally was one of the best locker room attendants, whatever that means. That led to a hilarious 30-plus minutes of Toucher & Rich.

Listen as Fred explains what makes a great locker room attendant, from always having a fresh stick of deodorant for the officials to quick and efficient replacement of urinal cakes. Things get really silly at the 14-minute mark, Eddie Money makes an appearance at the 23-minute mark and even Raiders owner Mark Davis joins the fun towards the end. Enjoy:


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