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Where to watch the Patriots game? Tony's Barber Shop in Brockton is open on Sundays

Tony's Barber Shop in Brockton means football on Sundays
Tony's Barber Shop in Brockton means football on Sundays 02:28

BROCKTON - It shouldn't alarm anyone that in Brockton, the "City of Champions," there is a barber shop open on Sundays where you can get a haircut and also watch the Patriots game.

Tony Lima opened the shop when he arrived in Brockton in 1999.

"I was working in Cape Verde, my country," said Lima. "I like it because I'm a professional, I've been like this for 32 years, working in a barber shop."

And in this barber shop, Lima has seen many things. His kids have grown up right in front of him.

"A lot of people ask me, 'Tony, right now you look more young, so I don't know why,'" said Lima.

He's seen the young and old ones come in and ask for different hair styles. And in this barber shop, Sunday is football and when the Patriots are scheduled to play, they are on the big screen.

"I'm Patriots, so I like to see a good game," said Lima. "Nobody wants the Patriots to lose."

So remember the rules: What's said in the shop, stays in the shop.

"The people talking, so are you going to listen to talking, so sometimes I respond," said Lima.

For Lima, Brockton is his happy place. He's seen kids become adults in the shop.

"I feel good because when I see the kids growing up in here," said Lima.

Lima said soccer is the other big sport that brings a crowd in his shop.

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