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Tom Brady Subtly Trolls Falcons With Latest Video On Social Media

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady likes his social media. Whether he's pushing some products, making fun of himself, or sharing a good hype video, the man's got all the channels working at all times.

Yet when he posted his weekly victory video on Monday, it was a little weird. The Bucs won their game several days earlier, having opened the season on Thursday night. Surely, a video would have worked on Friday ... or Saturday, or Sunday.

In any event, Brady posted his normal video, celebrating the Bucs and their 31-29 win over the Cowboys. And that was that.

Until ... a closer look was taken.

And that closer look revealed a clock sitting behind Brady's right shoulder. And that clock displayed a time. And that time? Well, it was 3:28.

Three. Twenty-eight.

Sound familiar?

That is ... that is something.

Of course, since the historic comeback by Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl LI against Atlanta, "28-3" has become an entity unto itself. It's on T-shirts, flags, stickers, and other memorabilia. It's become an annual celebration in Boston every March 28 -- Brady has partaken in the celebration himself. It's a constant source of pain for the Falcons organization, and a source of great joy for everyone who was involved with that win from the Patriots. It's also been used by fans of other NFC South rivals -- like the Saints -- as a way to torment the Falcons.

Last year, Brady joined the Falcons division and beat them twice. The first time, he and the Bucs fell behind 17-0 ... before winning 31-27. It likely stirred some feelings in Atlanta.

Anyways ... Brady and the Bucs host the Falcons in Week 2.

Trolling: complete.

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