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Tom Brady Is Liking His New Helmet: 'Much Better Than My Old One'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady's performance in his 2018 preseason debut resembled the dominant play that football fans have grown accustomed to seeing over the past two decades. But there was something distinctly different about the way Brady looked in this game.

The quarterback was sporting a new helmet style, and it was clearly evident, even to viewers who may not often pay close attention to equipment. It wasn't without reason, as the helmet style that Brady has worn for his entire professional career (and likely beyond) will not be allowed in NFL play after the 2018 season.

So, with an eye to the future -- and with a suggestion from the equipment manager -- Brady tried out something new. He wore it to practice this past week and wore it in the game on Thursday. And after the game, Brady said unlike with other past brief experiments with different helmets, this one might stick.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady's new helmet (L), Tom Brady's old helmet (R) (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

"I kind of like it, man," Brady said. "I gotta get the mask right but I do like it. It's very comfortable. Much better than my old one."

Considering he completed 19 of his 26 passes for 172 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions while avoiding any sacks, the new helmet clearly didn't negatively affect his game. And Brady said he feels like he's taking a significant step forward in terms of equipment.

"I think it's a little heavier but I'd say if the old one was like a Chuck Taylor, this is like one of those Under Armour HOVRs," Brady said, working in a plug for one of his sponsors. "So comfortable. Trying to make the switch, man. Get ahead."

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