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Tom Brady Asks Elon Musk To Delete Infamous Combine Picture From Twitter

BOSTON (CBS) -- Billionaire Elon Musk created quite the buzz on Thursday morning by putting forth an offer to purchase Twitter, just days after the social media company announced that Musk would not be joining the board.

It's certainly a news story that's captured a lot of people's attention for a lot of different reasons. That group of people includes Tom Brady, who has a very specific hope regarding a potential ownership change at Twitter.

Brady, who joined Twitter in 2019, sent a simple request to Musk on Thursday: "If you buy twitter can you delete the combine photo?"

When a Twitter user replied with the image in question, Brady went ahead and tagged Musk, (sarcastically) requesting a permanent ban for the user.

The combine photo, of course, is the now famous screen shot of Brady standing only in his gym trunks while standing next to a sign displaying his height and weight at the 2000 NFL Scouting Combine. The image has become iconic, in a sense, for displaying how much Brady developed as an athlete during his NFL career.

Brady's relationship with that photo is a little complicated. He'll use the image to crack a joke at his own expense from time to time, but he also has found the jokes to grow tired at times.

Of course, these days, Brady tends to always be operating with his business interests in mind. So it's likely not a coincidence that he and Musk both have some interest in the rental car company, Hertz. Brady is a paid spokesman for Hertz, which made a massive order of Teslas in recent months to create an electric vehicle fleet. Brady has publicly Teslas in the past as well.

Perhaps that relationship will save Brady from any more reminders about his less-than-ideal physique in the spring of 2000.

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