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Tom Brady Acknowledges Bitcoin's Drop Since His Laser Eyes Tweet: 'Anyone Have Any Ideas?'

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was less than two months ago when Tom Brady decided to go all in on Bitcoin. Things haven't gone great for the cryptocurrency since then.

The price of Bitcoin has dropped steadily since Brady went full "laser eyes" for Bitcoin. On Monday, Brady finally acknowledged that dip while asking Twitter for some new ideas.

"Alright the laser eyes didn't work," Brady said. "Anyone have any ideas?"

In late May, Brady said that he's a "big believer" in cryptocurrency.

"In my understanding, it was really a vote of confidence to really get into the conversation as I'm such a big believer in crypto, and where things are heading in the world," Brady said regarding his laser eyes picture, according to Coindesk.

Brady also said: "We're learning more and more about these emerging markets. I don't think it's going anywhere. … The world is changing. …  And you can be ahead of the curve or behind it, and I'm choosing to be ahead of it."

As for his overall approach to price fluctuations, Brady didn't seem overly concerned during that interview.

"If the only reason you're in crypto is because you think prices are going to go up, that's, OK, I mean, you know, so be it," Brady said. "But sometimes [prices] go down and that sucks, but if a lot of what you're coming from is the perspective of, 'Look, here's why I think crypto can be really cool and here are the problems I think you can solve' … I think that's a good time to take a step back."

Brady will turn 44 years old in August, and he's seemingly given the indication that the 2022 season will be his final year in the NFL. With his personal businesses, his sponsorships, and his long-term plans for his post-football life, Brady figures to be embracing the role that cryptocurrency will play in the future.

For now, though, Brady is accepting the fact that he took a sack on third down. Time to punt and try a new strategy next time.


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