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DA: Police Shooting Of Thomas Murray In Newbury Was Justified

NEWBURY (CBS) -- The fatal shooting of Thomas Murray at a Newbury gas station on Feb. 16, 2020, was justified, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz found after an investigation.

"When Massachusetts State Police Trooper Steven Buccheri fired his weapon on that day, he reasonably believed that he, his fellow officers and the public were in imminent danger of being seriously injured or killed by Mr. Murray," Cruz said in a statement. "Based upon the facts presented and the case law pertaining to the use of deadly force necessary to defend oneself or others, and the independent evaluation of a Certified Force Science Analyst, our office has determined that the force used by Trooper Steven Buccheri in this incident was appropriate and lawful."

Murray, 31, of Dracut, was accused of multiple carjackings in the days before his death. One hour before he was shot, the D.A. said Murray stabbed a person while stealing a BMV from a dealership in Nashua, New Hampshire. Police were able to track the car to a gas station in Newbury where Murray allegedly rammed a police cruiser and told police he had a gun.

Murray was shot in the shoulder and taken to Anna Jacques Hosptial where he was pronounced dead.

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