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The DA Show: Are Bruins Upset With Tim Thomas?

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Bruins insider James Murphy joined The DA Show on Friday night, and says some of the Bruins are not too happy with netminder Tim Thomas.

Thomas was critical of his offense after the B's 2-1 Game 4 loss in Washington, saying they did not put quality shots on net or get any good scoring chances.

While Thomas was right, some players aren't pleased he called them out in the media. When the Bruins returned home, some of the them addressed Thomas' comments to Murphy.

"I had a couple of players talk to me off the record; they didn't like it," said Murphy. "The general feeling in that dressing room (Friday) was 'we put forth a great game and we did a lot of good things. We outplayed them, unfortunately they had a goalie that stole the show... and we have to find a way to score on them.'"

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"But here is a guy in Tim Thomas that has been pretty much sheltered by his teammates and organization since the White House snafu and the slump he went into after that," said Murphy, adding that the Thomas's teammates backed him up for his two-month slum. "The bottom line is, his teammates went to bat for him, they got his back, and there is he after a really hard loss -- a loss in which they worked hard -- and he just sold them down the river."

"I'll tell you right now it's not rubbing people right in the dressing room, but they've put it aside and are focusing on (Game 5 on Saturday)," said Murphy, who thinks Thomas should have spoken with his teammates directly about this, not through the media.

"Voice it to your teammates in private, and do it in the constructive criticism way; not in just a direct blunt way like that," he said. "I've talked to people on the team, former teammates in the last 24 hours, and they just say 'typical Timmy. It's all about him.'"

Will this affect Game 5? Will more stories like this come out after the season is over? Will Thomas end up back on the trading block again? Find out that and more with Jimmy Murphy on The DA Show!

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