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"It's just horrifying": Mattapan third graders processing emotions after Texas school shooting

"It's just horrifying": Mattapan classroom processing emotions after Texas school shooting
"It's just horrifying": Mattapan classroom processing emotions after Texas school shooting 02:18

MATTAPAN – The Texas school shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead is a difficult topic for anyone to discuss. At an elementary school in Mattapan, a group of third grade students have some powerful insight.

On Thursday, third grade students at Ellison Parks Early Education School shared their thoughts about the tragedy that unfolded earlier this week.

"It's horrifying to me," student Angelica Rivera said.

"How it makes me feel is a little bit devastated," added Olsen Pereira.

"That scared me a little because of how bad that was and I didn't expect that to happen," Aliyah Elyese said.

Their teacher Tawonia Queeley said the tragedy impacted her deeply.

"To know that 19 students were killed and two educators, for me that's my entire class. So that's very hard," Queeley said, breaking into tears.

Queeley said the one place these students should feel safe is in school.

"We have safety protocols in place we do drills to make sure we keep students safe," she said.

Students said the news weighs heavy on them.

"If we don't feel safe in school, we will be thinking about it more and not paying attention to what's going on and it will affect our future," Rivera said.

This weekend several of the students will be taking part in the Dr. Martin Luther King reading at Boston City Hall. They will be reciting some of his words and promoting Dr. King's message of peace.

Gloria Valles is only 8 years old, but on Thursday she and her three classmates were practicing their lines for the event.

They feel fortunate to be in a safe learning space. And as their hearts go out to the families at Robb Elementary School they say King's words serve as an inspiration.

"I think his message was to be more inclusive to the community," Rivera said.

 "When I become an adult I want to be become a doctor and take all the knowledge I learned over the years and use it to help other people," Pereira said.


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