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Stoughton Teen Bullied For Weight, Religion Shares His Story

STOUGHTON (CBS) - A 14-year-old from Stoughton is sharing his story after being bullied last week at Stoughton High School.

Brady Yanoff says he was in the cafeteria when a classmate came up to him and made an anti-Semitic comment and gesture.

"He walked up and said 'Heil Hitler' and then he sat down making gestures towards me," Yanoff said.

Brady Yanoff
Brady Yanoff (WBZ-TV)

Yanoff says he's been bullied for years. He was even hospitalized for his depression.

"They make fun of my weight. They make fun of my religion. They make fun of my sexual orientation because my older brother is gay," Yanoff said. "They just say all these mean things to me."

The incident last week was reported to the school. In a letter sent to the parents, the school says it "does not tolerate behavior which would create an unsafe environment for any one of community members." They are investigating the incident.

Yanoff says it was a rough couple of days after the bullying took place. But the more he talks about what happened, the better he feels.

"I just feel like people are hearing me now," he says.

On Sunday night, his week got even better when one of his favorite artists, country music singer and Southborough native, Jessie Chris pulled him on stage during her show, in front of a crowd of more than 4,000 people.

Chris says, "I was heartbroken. It hurt more because I know him and I know he's a such a special wonderful person."

Jessie Chris
Jessie Chris (WBZ-TV)

Yanoff says, "I'm the one who tries to stay away from the spotlight and everyone having their eyes one me and having me on stage felt different, in a good way."

Brady's Dad said that the student accused of making the gesture has been suspended.

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