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State Police Increase Air Patrols Over Boston Marathon

BOSTON (CBS) - Massachusetts State Police are adding eyes in the sky for marathon Monday.

Last year, they had one helicopter flying along the route. This year state police will have four helicopters flying throughout the day.

The choppers have high-powered and infrared cameras that send crucial information down to officers on the ground. The technology was in place during last year's search for the marathon bombers.

"The detail was phenomenal, he was actually standing up in the boat," said Mark Spencer of the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing.

Spencer is one of the three airmen who were in the helicopter that spotted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They will be back in the air on Monday.

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Some of the helicopters are six months old and the technology is even better than a year ago.

Police said they will not focus on abandoned bags or packages; They will patrol the crowds. They are also key in responding quickly to scenes when ground officers are delayed.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones reports

State Police Increase Air Patrols Over Boston Marathon

They expect to be busy with the thousands of people and heightened emotions of the crowds.

"This year we just want to for all the victims and survivors, we want to give them as safe a marathon as we can," said Eric Fairchild, of the State Police Air Wing.


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