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Marlboro Couple Creates 'Traveling Town Tavern' That Brings The Party To Your House

MARLBORO (CBS) – A new bar on wheels, equipped with big screen TVs and bartenders, brings the party right to your house.

"I love being a bartender. I love sitting on this side of the bar. Talking to people, meeting people," Brian McCarthy.

So, when he was laid off from his bartending job in March 2020, he was devastated. But he had an idea.

"I've been a bartender for 25 years so I decided to make a bar that I can bring to people's houses," said McCarthy.

Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy and Marcie Lombard inside Traveling Town Tavern (WBZ-TV)

The Marlboro man and his fiancée Marcie Lombard quickly got to work, turning an old airport luggage tram into the Traveling Town Tavern. They did the renovations themselves, with McCarthy sharing it took, "about 16 hours a day over three months."

With added decorations and furniture, they now have a bar on wheels that allows the couple to bring the party to you at a rate of $500 for four hours. Since opening in July, they've been all over, hosting a number of events.

"A lot of 40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties, done some weddings. Sporting games, a lot of like Patriots games," said Lombard.

"They have a couch, they have two high tops, they have a bar, and they have a bartender," said McCarthy.

Traveling bar
Traveling Town Tavern (WBZ-TV)

There's four TVs inside and once you move outside, there's seating on both sides, four additional TVs, and for added fun in any weather, a tent, heaters, and a pool table.

"It's been good for people who don't want to go to a bar, crowded restaurant, they're in their driveway with their friends or family and they just feel safer," Lombard said.

They don't have a liquor license, so drinks are supplied by the guests, and happily served by Brian.

"The response has been wonderful. Unbelievable. It kind of warms my heart a little bit that I created something people enjoy," McCarthy said.

Click here for information on how to book the tavern.

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