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Sox Fan Expresses Thanks For Past But Keeps Eyes To The Future

BOSTON (CBS) – As members of Red Sox nation come to terms with all the changes brought about this week, one fan took to the streets around Fenway Park with a message.

Chris Boeur is an Allston native who says he's been a Sox fan his entire life.

On Thursday, the 28-year-old made a sign with cardboard and magic markers that thanked "Jon, John & Jonny" for all the good times at the park.

"It's sad to see them go," Boeur said.  "But I like to stay positive."

His sign asked people to honk as they drove by – and many did.

"We have to get the best value that we possibly can with future prospects to rebuilding the team," he explained.  "Unfortunately this year, it's a bridge year."

Where that bridge leads, Boeur admits, is largely out of fans' hands.

But by standing on a corner and thanking his idols for their hard work, he feels like a vibrant part of the fanbase.


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