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Jurors hear 911 call in trial of driver charged in South Boston crash that killed boy in stroller

Trial of driver charged in South Boston crash that killed boy in stroller begins
Trial of driver charged in South Boston crash that killed boy in stroller begins 03:01

BOSTON – The trial is underway for Charlene Casey, a driver accused of causing a South Boston crash that killed 2-year-old Colin McGrath in 2018.

Testimony began Wednesday following opening statements. Later in the day, jurors heard the 911 call from the scene.

Colin McGrath (Family photo)

One of the witnesses on the stand tearfully described how she heard the crash, jumped out of her car and gave CPR to the young boy who had been hit while in his stroller.

"I took the baby to the sidewalk, laid the baby down thinking about his internal organs, his back. I asked the caregiver what his name was. I kept talking to Colin telling him we loved him and that he needed to fight and put him down on the sidewalk, checked his response there was no response," Mary Kate Shea testified.

Colin McGrath's parents sat in the front row of the courtroom on Wednesday, gripping hands as they listened to witnesses recount the final moments of their son's life.

Pictures from the July 25, 2018 crash were shown in court. Among them was a photo of Colin's crumpled stroller.

An image shown in court shows the stroller 2-year-old Colin McGrath was in when he was hit and killed during a South Boston crash. CBS Boston

Prosecutors said Casey caused the crash by failing to yield to a van at L and East Sixth Streets, forcing the van up onto the sidewalk and into Colin's stroller.

"The quickest glance left and she could not miss the tank of a van. We're here because the defendant was negligent and did not operate her car safely. She could have seen this van she should have seen this van," prosecutor David McGowan told the court.

The defense said surveillance video will show that the van played a bigger role and this was a tragic, freak accident.  

"You're going to see with your own eyes and you're going to see the evidence will show that van came out of nowhere and sped up and collided with Ms. Casey," defense attorney Steven Boozang countered during opening arguments.

Michael Racioppi is a contractor, he testified in court that he was on his way to a job site when he says Casey's Toyota Prius hit the side of his truck causing him to lose control. 

"I was traveling down L Street and a block or two later I was just blindsided on my passenger side," said Racioppi. 

There was some inconsistency with the first witness's testimony. Scott McDonald first said he saw Casey look both ways before entering the intersection, but about 10 minutes later said he wasn't sure.

Boston Police are expected to take the stand during the trial, and jurors will visit the crash site on Tuesday. 

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