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'Sons Of Serendip' Singer Writes Special Song For Father With Cancer

BOSTON (CBS) – There are many ways to say "Happy Father's Day." But for 34-year-old Micah Christian, he wanted his gift to his dad to be one he would never forget.

He decided to record a sit down interview with his father Chuck Christian, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer three years ago.

"It has spread through my spine and other parts of my body and my initial doctor said he was giving me three years to live," Chuck said.

Chuck Christian. (WBZ-TV)

Micah wrote a song for his dad, which he shared with him for Father's Day.

"When I heard he had cancer it really hit me hard. The name of the song is 'Superman,'" Micah said.

Micah is a professional singer and a member of the Sons Of Serendip.

"When I heard the song I lost it. It's almost like hearing angels sing and it just really tears me up when I hear it," Chuck said.

Micah Christian reveals an emotional song written for his father, Chuck, who is battling cancer. (Image Credit: Micah Christian)

The two sat down for 90 minutes and talked about life and fatherhood, shared a few laughs and a shed lot of tears.

"It's just saying it's OK to cray and be vulnerable, but you're still my hero," Micah said.

Chuck says his own father died of cancer. So the song touched him in many ways.

"This is so special for me. And then to have three sons be awesome guys, and then have seven grandsons," Chuck said.

Micah Christian
Micah Christian, a member of the Sons of Serendip. (WBZ-TV)

Micah said his father has always been there for him and now that he's sick. he wants to help him in every way possible.

"I've seen him cry before but that was the first time we cried together about this issue and to me it was a gift," Micah said.

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