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Shaughnessy, Heyman Discuss Red Sox Offseason On Gresh & Zo

BOSTON (CBS) - The Red Sox offseason was a hot topic of discussion Tuesday on the Gresh & Zolak show. To cover it, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe was in studio and Jon Heyman of CBS Sports called in at noon.

Gresh asked Shaughnessy if any guys on the current roster are blocking worthy minor leaguers from getting promoted. And with that in mind, would they consider trading these prospects for a "big-time bat"?

Shaughnessy thinks the team is pretty much able to do whatever they please, given their status as World Champions.

"They've got good flexibility. They just won a World Series, so they got some goodwill built in there. They can let [Jacoby] Ellsbury go without getting hammered for it. With Ellsbury, they've got the cache now to let him go."

Shaughnessy is not at all worried about the outfield. If Ellsbury walks, the belief is that Shane Victorino can slide over and play center field. In that case, all the Sox would need to do is buy a corner outfielder.

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Shaughnessy feels that the starting rotation is more than okay as well, and that trading away a veteran guy like John Lackey is something they should explore.

What's problematic for Shaughnessy is the situation at shortstop and catcher.

"The [Stephen] Drew thing is an issue, and the catching. Those are the things that are paramount at this point."

A host of other Red Sox offseason scenarios and trade rumors were discussed on the show as well, listen to Dan Shaughnessy's take below:

Shaughnessy On Sox Offseason Plans

CBS Sports baseball insider Jon Heyman joined Gresh & Zo too, and he feels like Jacoby Ellsbury did himself a huge favor this postseason, increasing his value on the free agent market.

It's been a long-held belief in the media that Ellsbury is gone, that he will not resign with the Red Sox. However, even though he's looking to get Carl Crawford money, Heyman thinks the Red Sox could get him back.

"I thought they'd be somewhat hesitant earlier [to sign Ellsbury], but they did win the World Series and he was a key part of it. I do think he's looking to be Carl Crawford though. I have no indication that Boston's going to go there, but free agency is a funny thing. It does funny things to people. Not going to rule it out," said Heyman.

What about trades? MLB hot stove talk is always fun. Is Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton on the Red Sox radar? Would the Marlins go there? Heyman says not likely, but you can never know what Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria will do.

The last thing the guys touched on with Heyman is the curious case of David Ortiz, and whether or not he deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Listen to Heyman below:

Heyman On Sox Offseason Plans



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