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Saugus Homes Built Near Faulty Retaining Wall Being Moved

SAUGUS (CBS) -- Four huge new homes in Saugus are almost ready to be jacked up, and moved away from the sheer hillside where they were built several years ago. But residents on the street below are still nervous.

"That retaining wall needs to be rebuilt, and they'll probably build homes there again," says a skeptical Cara Aloise of Hesper Street.  And she's right.

The massive, 80-foot retaining wall that looms above her home isn't doing the job. 

Two years ago, a section of it collapsed.  "I was home at the time," says John Giansiracusa, "and we came running out, to see the huge boulders in a neighbor's backyard."

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

But starting Wednesday, the four homes will be moved, the wall re-built, and new homes may be in the future for the hillside.

"The wall will have to be rebuilt to geo-specific standards," says Saugus Building Inspector Fred Varone, "and the engineering will undergo a peer review.  But I have complete faith in the developer. And if all goes well, I imagine that there will be homes up there again in the future."

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