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Safety Tips For Homeowners Ahead Of Massive Snowstorm

PLYMPTON (CBS) – Saturday's monster storm is expected to knock out power to thousands and before people power up their generators, first responders want to make sure people know how to turn it on safely.

"I just charged up all my power port things and new batteries in everything, so we're good to go," said Kara Flaherty from Carver.

She's ready in case storm force winds bring widespread power outages.

"I have a generator and it's all hooked up and ready to go," said another woman browsing for flashlights.

Plympton Fire Chief Steve Silva told WBZ-TV that carbon monoxide is his biggest concern in a day-long storm like this.

"It's a little scary because people put generators in their garages, next to their window inside the house and carbon monoxide is a killer," he said.

Chief Silva is urging people to keep generators at least fifteen feet from your home and away from the door.

If you don't have a generator, flashlights are the next best tool.

"People using candles – very bad idea. Very bad idea," said Silva. "Candles left unintended are a time bomb."

First responders are expecting a busy weekend, so they're urging people to ride out the nor'easter at home.

With heavy snow and possible white out conditions, they don't want to see drivers stranded on the roadway.

"If you're stuck, dial 911," said Silva. "You may not get your car out the snow, but we'll get you out the car."

"Stay home. That way everyone can stay safe," Plympton Police Chief Dan Hoffman said.

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