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Graduates From Youth Program Get Free Suits To 'Dress For Success'

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) -- A look of approval in the mirror. For Framingham High School senior Kevin Silva, it's a big moment.

"I'm speechless because I've never actually owned a suit. This store just being overwhelming with choices," said Silva.

He's one of eight graduates of the Ron Burton Training Village getting outfitted at Milton's for a free new suit as part of the programs "Dress for Success" event, now in its 13th year.

"I'm going to cherish this suit. I'm going to take care of it. Any chance to use it, I will," said Silva.

"Who these people are, and who they've become, and how they've grown is really the most important thing. But when they look good as well that just really completes the package and that's all we're really trying to do," said Miltons' President Dana Katz.

Many in the group are also recipients of full scholarships from the youth organization, including Stonehill College freshman Luis Mendes.

"A full ride just meant everything just because it meant I could be closer to my family and get the education that I wanted. It just means everything to me," said Mendes.

WBZ-TV's own Paul Burton was on hand Thursday to help with style advice, and talk about his dad's legacy.

"When my Dad went to college, they had a Ron Burton day for him because he didn't have the money to buy luggage and clothes to go to Northwestern. So for Dana to hear that story and keep that tradition alive means a lot to our family and just in memory of my Dad," said Burton.

In addition to the suit, the guys are getting all the accessories to go along with it- shoes, socks, tie, belt. Everything they need to help make a future internship or job interview a successful one.

"They'll have the entire outfit they need to look good, to feel good, and we know it will make a difference," said Katz.

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