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Report: Tom Brady Dealing With 'Tennis Elbow'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been on and off the injury report this season, with listed ailments to his toe, shoulder and right elbow. It's the elbow injury that's appeared to have caused him the most trouble, as the QB has been seen shaking out his right arm during warmups in recent weeks to try to loosen up his arm.

Though Brady is not on the injury report this week, a detail about his ailment came out on Saturday, when NFL Network's Mike Giardi reported that Brady is dealing with "essentially a tennis elbow."

While the reasons are plentiful and not just restricted to injury, Brady's seen a significant drop in his statistics during his age 42 season. Most striking, he's completing passes at just a 60.1 percent rate, well off his career number of 63.8 percent and a major drop from the 65.3 percent completion rate he posted from 2014-18. Over the past five games, he's completed just 51.5 percent of his passes.

Brady has made more throwaways than normal to avoid taking sacks, and the combination of shaky protection and a receiving corps that's struggled to get open has led to some uncharacteristic struggles in the Patriots passing game.

If Brady is indeed dealing with a tennis elbow, he's presumably in good hands. The TB12 website offers guidance on how to treat tennis elbow, offering the following description of the ailment:

Tennis elbow is a painful and irritating injury, whether you got it from playing a racket sport or not. If you suffer from this condition, you know that waiting for it to go away just doesn't cut it. The stiffness and pain not only affects your sports performance, but also can make everyday tasks a chore. Try this tennis elbow treatment you can do at home, right now.


If you have tennis elbow, you want to relieve your symptoms fast. You might feel pressured to choose between drastic measures and insufficient treatments. You know there's only so much ice and rest can do, yet you don't want to wear a tennis elbow brace for weeks or get a series of injections. So, try this at-home treatment for tennis elbow symptoms that really works.

With this method, you can minimize or even eliminate your elbow pain effectively. You'll do it through at-home pliability work, which is deep-force body work that helps lengthen and soften muscles to relieve tension, and actually improve their overall function. It's not invasive and it doesn't hinder your daily routine. Whether your symptoms are from racket sports or not, try this method. Pliability work really makes a difference, and you can start doing it today!

While such an injury is a near-certainty to never keep Brady from playing in a game, it is a safe assumption to assume the pliability master has upped his pliability training in order to try to relieve some of the issues.

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