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Report: Jimmy Garoppolo Is 'Plan A' For Patriots At Quarterback

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots don't really have a quarterback right now. Jimmy Garoppolo is still very much under contract for the 49ers. Apparently, folks in Foxboro are banking on a change to both of those situations soon.

That's according to Greg Bedard, who said on his podcast that "Plan A" for the Patriots at quarterback is to bring back Jimmy G. for a reunion with Bill Belichick.

"From what I gather from talking to people this week, over the past week, Jimmy Garoppolo is still far and away their Plan A," Bedard said. "That if they had to draw it up exactly, the optimal situation for the Patriots for this coming season, is Jimmy G. coming back here."

Bedard said that 49ers GM John Lynch's statement of confidence in Garoppolo can be discounted, as head coach Kyle Shanahan will still push for a change at quarterback if an option better than Garoppolo presents itself. Thus, Garoppolo could become available via trade in a hurry.

"Make no doubt, Garoppolo is Plan A for the Patirots, and Patriots fans should be rooting for the 49ers to do something at quarterback," Bedard reiterated.

Bedard wasn't the only Patriots reporter discussing Garoppolo over the weekend, either. ESPN's Mike Reiss argued that if the Patriots do intend to move on Garoppolo, they ought to do it soon.

"If the Patriots come to the realization Jimmy Garoppolo is their preferred quarterback option, and there is a notable gap between him and Plan B, this would be the time to press the issue," Reiss wrote.

Reiss threw out the idea of offering a second-round pick and Stephon Gilmore to San Francisco to get the ball rolling.

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