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Poll Shows Wide Range Of Remote Learning Experiences In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) -- A new poll of Massachusetts parents shows a wide range of experiences when it comes to remote learning opportunities offered by schools in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

The MassINC survey of 1,502 parents found that 36% of children participated daily in an online classroom, while another 35% participated a few times per week. Twenty percent reported personalized feedback every day, and only 13% received one-on-one check-ins.

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"Schools offered very different levels of activity and engagement to students and parents alike," according to the poll's key findings. "This included both activities for students as well as assistance given to parents."

Overall, parents gave high marks to their kids' schools. Thirty-eight percent said their school's response to the challenges of the pandemic was "excellent" and 40% rated it "good."

When it comes to the planned fall reopening, 64% of parents said they are "very" or "somewhat" confident it can be done safely to prevent the virus from spreading.

The poll also found that language and technology barriers hindered access to learning. Parents who did not speak English at home were less likely to have children that participated in online classrooms. And 17% of households making under $50,000 a year said their internet wasn't good enough to keep up with school work.

Parents of color polled said they had to spend more time on learning tasks compared to White parents and often added their own projects to their school's assignments.

"This poll really puts a spotlight on the remote learning gap between white and non-white families," said Juana Matias, Chief Operating Officer of MassINC, in a statement. "Black, Latino, and Asian families are reporting they have less technology to start with, and they are working even harder with their kids to compensate."
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