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World War II Veteran Gets Foul Ball While Celebrating 100th Birthday At Fenway Park

BOSTON (CBS) -- A night at the old ball yard is never a bad way to spend your birthday, but a 100-year-old World War II veteran has everyone beat.

Ben Sofka of Maynard celebrated his centennial birthday with front row seats to Tuesday night's Red Sox-Athletics game at Fenway Park, and was honored by the team on the Jumbotron:

But that's not enough for a 100-year-old American hero who flew some pretty dangerous missions during World War II. So when a foul ball went Mr. Sofka's way down the third base line, the Fenway Park ballgirl gave him a birthday present he'll never forget:

And if all of that wasn't enough the Red Sox gave Mr. Sofka plenty to cheer about, beating the Athletics 13-5.

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