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Rally Held In Boston For George Floyd As Derek Chauvin Trial Begins Next Week

BOSTON (CBS) - Standing in solidarity, families whose loved ones have been killed by police held a rally on Saturday in Boston's South End as part of a national day of action.

"Hopefully we can start to make some actual positive change," Lauren Powers of Somerville said. "The fact that we can't even get indictments for some of these cops is an absolute shame, an absolute outrage."

The event was led by Mass Action Against Police Brutality. Saturday's event was part of a nationwide call to action, with many states across the country participating. Former police officer Derek Chauvin, who's been charged in the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, will go to trial next week.

Floyd's death sparked nationwide protests against police brutality last summer.

"With the occasion of this impending trial of Derek Chauvin about to start, we wanted to make sure the nation knows that, number one, we demand convictions with all the officers in this trial," Brock Satter of Mass Action Against Police Brutality said.

It was a peaceful protest but one these demonstrators' hopes will bring about change. Families who lost loved one at the hands of police shared their stories, including the family Juston Root who died last year.

"This isn't just about George Floyd," said Satter. "In every city, in every state, we have many George Floyds."

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