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President Biden Highlights Infrastructure Spending During Visit To Portsmouth, New Hampshire

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) -- President Joe Biden touched down in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Tuesday to discuss port infrastructure.

Roughly six months ahead of the midterms, the President used his speech at Portsmouth Harbor to tout the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law he signed last fall. The law contributed more than $1.5 million to a project to expand the part of the harbor where freight ships turn around.

"This port supports over 2,300 jobs. That's $275 million dollars to this region's economy." President Biden said speaking from the harbor, "Now it's easier, faster, and cheaper, and safer for the ships to get in and out."

The law also provides roughly $2 billion to expand dry docks at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Portsmouth Mayor Deaglan McEachern hopes these investments will mean lower costs for his constituents.

"All of the salt for most of the state comes through here, 80 percent of the heating oil. If we make it easier to deliver goods and services to the port, that means those goods and services cost less money," McEachern said.

Projects like the port continue to enjoy bipartisan support.

"Well, I think those projects are both positives for New Hampshire and Maine," said Stephen Stepanek, Chairman of the New Hampshire State Republican Party.

Stepanek argues that spending by the Biden administration is hurting New Hampshire residents.

"Cost of heating has been through the roof this winter. People's budgets are stretched to the max and I think we are going to continue to see rising inflation," he said.

New Hampshire is also receiving $45 million this year to improve bridges from the Infrastructure Law.


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