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Police Ask Residents To Ditch Bird Feeders After Bear Sighting In Lincoln

LINCOLN (CBS) - At least one member of Massachusetts' growing black bear population found its way to Lincoln over the weekend.

Lincoln police posted a photo of the large black bear in a yard in the area of Route 126 and Route 117.

Police have asked residents to remove any bird feeders or other possible food sources from their yards.

Officials have also requested that anyone who spots the animal to give them a call.

Neighbors say they're aware of the sighting, and they are doing a few things differently. For Doug Stinson, that includes looking around when letting the dog out.

"We looked outside first and turned all the outdoor lights on to make sure there was nothing in the immediate area, for sure," Stinson said.

But the Stinsons aren't ready to go so far as making their son play indoors.

"I think I'll still let him go outside and play. I'm not too worried about it. Like I said, he's a noisy boy, so it should scare the bear away," Claire Stinson said.

The bear was spotted later near Weston's community garden and in several nearby neighborhoods.

Weston police advised the same as Lincoln police, but say don't think the bear is a threat or a nuisance at this point.

They admit that could change; and they want residents to at lease remain aware.

Most residents who spoke to WBZ-TV said they aren't too concerned, rather they'd be excited to catch a glimpse of a black bear in the wild.

Since black bears usually run when they see you and encounters with them rarely turn ugly, experts urge people to enjoy those glimpses from a distance.

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