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Remote Learning Options Likely Won't Involve Local Teachers When Schools Reopen

PLYMOUTH (CBS) - Massachusetts is looking at hiring outside vendors to help with remote learning in some towns, including Plymouth, WBZ-TV has learned.

If a district decides to outsource the work, the state is allowing them to buy courses from one of the two virtual charter schools in Massachusetts.

Districts will need to assign someone to monitor the students' progress and help when needed.

In Plymouth, the school committee and superintendent have devised a back-to-school plan that utilizes a hybrid model. Students will be learning remotely three days a week and be in school for two. Everyone seemed satisfied with the plan. Well, almost everyone.

Bills Shields Plymouth Schools pkg_frame_1521
Betty Cavacco, of Plymouth, would rather see her children learn remotely from Plymouth Public School teachers. (WBZ-TV)

"My kids want to go to school. Unfortunately, we have a medical issue that we can't take that chance right now," said Betty Cavacco.

Cavacco said she had no choice but to accept the hybrid plan, but because of that medical issue, she wants to be safe and have her kids learn from home.

But if the kids stay home all week, they won't be learning remotely from Plymouth teachers. Their studies will be through a state-sponsored vendor.

"I do not have the opportunity for remote learning from our Plymouth Public School teachers, and that's a real big problem for me" she said.

"They have to be educated," said Superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas. "That will be a partnership between this learning management provider and the school district to be able to provide a remote learning option for our kids.

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