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Phantom Gourmet: Surfside Smokehouse In Plymouth

PLYMOUTH (CBS) -- Barbecue and beer, seafood and the sea--Surfside Smokehouse is where surf truly meets turf.

Located on historic Plymouth Harbor, Surfside Smokehouse offers up one of the most stunning views on the South Shore--and two very different but equally delicious styles of food.

"Surfside Smokehouse is a combination of authentic Southern barbecue and traditional New England seafood," says owner Fred Bisaillon.

When Bisaillon opened this beautiful two-story restaurant, he wanted to create a place where customers could feel like they're on vacation--and with its open-air dining room and sixty-seat bar right on the water, that's exactly what happens.

"It's a very special thing for people to come down in the spring and summertime and enjoy the beautiful weather and sit outside and eat," says Bisaillon. "There's nothing like al fresco dining."

And what you're dining on is a menu with a little something for everyone, whether you want fresh seafood plucked from the waters outside or some seriously authentic barbecue cooked low and slow.

"We use the smoker in our kitchen," says Fred. "We smoke overnight for 12 to 14 hours, just the time that it takes to do it, and the umami flavor that you get from it is what makes barbecue so special."

Not only does the food here taste great, it looks even better. In fact, this stuff has such eye appeal, many customers don't even need a menu.

"When they see other people's food, a lot of times they'll order just from what they see because, visually, we try to make it all appealing to people."

And when this is your office, even the employees can enjoy the day at Surfside Smokehouse.

"We love it," says Fred. "We love the view. We love the location. We love it when we're busy, so everyday, you come to work, if this is your view, it ain't half bad."

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