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Phantom Gourmet: Anejo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar In Falmouth

FALMOUTH (CBS) -- The walls are covered in Mexican inspired art, the bar is stocked with 75 different tequilas, and the dining room is always filled with folks having a good time at Anejo Mexican Bistro and Tequila Bar.

Located along picturesque Main Street in downtown Falmouth, Añejo isn't just one of the best Mexican restaurants on Cape Cod, it's one of the best spots for south of the border eats in all of New England.

Anejo Mexican Bistro in Falmouth (Phantom Gourmet)

"The love and the care that we put into each and every sauce and salsa and meat is something that makes us who we are, and we want to show that to the customer, we want them to be part of our passion and enjoy Mexican food like we enjoy it," says Jesse Kersey.

Kersey grew up in California and when he moved to Cape Cod, he missed the authentic Mexican food he had back home. So, about seven years ago, he opened Añejo.

Here, the guacamole is made to order at your table, margaritas are always mixed with freshly squeezed juices, and everything coming out of the kitchen is made from scratch, just like great Mexican cuisine should be.

Anejo Mexican Bistro in Falmouth (Phantom Gourmet)

"We don't bring in a jar of sauce, we don't bring in a can of anything, everything is fresh and authentic, and it's just something that I felt there was a need for and it's been great."

While much of the menu at Añejo stays true to its roots, the kitchen also likes to take advantage of all the great local ingredients Cape Cod has to offer. "We serve what we like to call authentic Mexican food, with a little bit of our own flair. We serve a lot of street Mexican food, but then we also give it a nice little Cape Cod edge. There's just such great seafood on the Cape that we like to focus a lot of our attention on that, and we put out some pretty cool Cape Cod-Mexican meals."

Anejo Mexican Bistro in Falmouth (Phantom Gourmet)

So there are dishes like Lobster Taquitos, cornflake crusted cod, and crispy scallop tostadas. All are served up in an atmosphere that always feels like a fiesta.

"The place is always loud, there's always action, it's always full, and really, we're all about fun," said Kersey.


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