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Pet Owners Concerned After Bobcat Spotted In West Roxbury

BOSTON (CBS) – A bobcat spotted at Millennium Park in West Roxbury has some residents worried about their pets.

"I do carry Mace as well as a horn to try to have some sort of protection," said Michelle Lee Guiney.

Her concern follows the photo of the bobcat spotted along Sawmill Brook on the old landfill site just off the paved path.

It's exciting stuff for Mass Wildlife, proof the bobcat is thriving and expanding its reach in the nation's third most densely populated state right into Boston.

"Many people don't even get to see a bobcat and this is just really special," said Marion Larson of Mass Wildlife.

Bobcat in West Roxbury (Image credit Mary Ellen McMahon)

Indeed, even regular park goers seemed to appreciate that.

"I'm not worried about people's safety, are you?" asked Barry Fleischer.

But there are cautions, with an elusive predator that can grow up to 30 pounds and a park where Fido's off leash romp is the main attraction.

"I might stay away for a while until I hear what's going on with this bobcat," said Nancy Livingston. "There's got to be more if there's just one."

Certainly experts say there's no threat to kids on the soccer field or adults jogging, but for dogs down by the river, a leash is probably a good idea.

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