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Patriots Fans Can Be Tom Brady Fans Once Again This Weekend

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's been a strange couple of years for Patriots fans, with regard to their fandom of one Mr. Tom Brady. Some fans never stopped rooting for TB12, and they got to enjoy watching him win another Super Bowl. Other fans couldn't stomach the whole situation and wrote him off completely.

While all of those feelings won't be getting sorted out any time soon, there is at least one phrase that all Patriots fans can (and should) be shouting come Sunday afternoon: Go, Bucs, Go!

That's because Brady and the Bucs are playing host to the Buffalo Bills, who just lost a wild one at home against the Patriots. The Bills now head to Tampa on a short week, trying to take down the defending champs.

The Patriots, of course, have a direct interest in this game. While Monday night's win helped separate them from the Bills in the AFC East, the division crown is still a long way away from going back to New England. Certainly, the Patriots wouldn't mind getting a little help, especially with a rematch against the Bills looming just a few weeks from now.

The Patriots are currently 9-4, a game and a half up on the Bills, who are 7-5.

Even if the Patriots do lose to the Bills in the Week 16, New England will have the tiebreaker, as the Patriots are 7-1 against AFC teams. The Bills are currently 5-5 vs. the AFC.

So the Patriots do have some cushion. But a loss to the Bucs to drop the Bills to 7-6? The Patriots would have no issues with that happening.

And this weekend, it's up to Brady and the Bucs to do it. The Bills can't be overly excited to have to deal with Tom Brady, who terrorized them for two decades during his tenure in New England, after a painful loss like Monday's. (Brady is 32-3 in his career against the Bills, which is ... hilarious.)

Patriots fans, though? That's a matchup they have to like. And with the Patriots having next weekend off on their well-earned bye, fans will have plenty of time to get comfortable, hop on the couch, and root for Tom Brady to beat the Bills. Just like old times.

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