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Patriots Coach Cole Popovich Recently Discovered He's Related To Gregg Popovich

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- When a coach on a professional sports team has the last name of "Popovich," the questions are obviously going to come: Any relation to Gregg?

For Patriots offensive line coach Cole Popovich, the answer was always no. Until recently.

In a video conference with New England reporters, Popovich said that he discovered in recent years that he actually is related to the legendary San Antonio Spurs coach.

"I actually found out I was related to him just about a year ago," Popovich said when asked about any potential relation by ESPN's Mike Reiss.

Popovich shared that his father passed away when he was young, thus limiting his relationship with that side of the family.

"Reestablished some connections there and found out that I am related to him," Popovich said.

The Popovich connection adds even more championship lineage to the Patriots' coaching staff, which already includes three members of the Belichick family.

The Patriots coach said he's never met or talked to the Spurs coach, and that Gregg likely has no idea about any relation. Nevertheless, a relation is there.

"So there is some relationship," he said. "I've always said no but I just found out there is something."

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