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Over/Under: Who Will Win A Game Next - Garoppolo Or Brissett?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Jacoby Brissett has a better chance to see playing time now that he's a backup quarterback for the Colts and the injured Andrew Luck. Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo patiently waits for his next chance to take over for Tom Brady in New England, no matter how it happens.

So that got Adam Jones and Nick Cattles thinking: Which QB will be the first to win their next game as a starter?

That was the lead topic in a round of "Over/Under" on a Game of Jones Tuesday on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones Show. The over/unders, and Jones' answers, can be found below:

Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett - New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
Patriots quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Games until Jimmy Garoppolo wins his next game: Over/Under games until Jacoby Brissett wins

"I would say over," said Jones. "I think Brissett has a chance to play in the next couple of weeks. ... I hope, and I don't think Garoppolo plays at all this year, not as a starter. If he does that's not good."

Patriots punt returners used in 2017: Over/Under 4.5

"I think I'm going to go under that number, but it does get sketchy if [Danny] Amendola gets hurt," said Jones. "If Amendola goes down that number is going to skyrocket. And Amendola usually gets hurt, so maybe I should take the over. I just think Amendola is going to be the guy for a while."

Number of trades the Patriots make in-season: Over/Under 2.5

"I think you gotta go over," said Jones. "Bill's been very active at the trade deadline the last couple of years. We know they held a bunch of joint practices again, so Bill's got good intel on the guys he practiced against. ... I don't think he's going to stop."

Doug Fister wins for the rest of the season: Over/Under Chris Sale wins

"I think the way that Doug Fister is pitching ... I still gotta say under Chris Sale," said Jones. "I don't know that Sale is going to be lights out, I'm not telling you that. But I think he should be able to win some games here down the stretch."

Number of MLB teams who steal signs: Over/Under 29.5

"I think I'll go over that number. I'll take that 30 steal signs," said Jones. "I don't know that they all use recording devices. I don't know that they all have elaborate, worked-out schemes with their training staff and their instant replay staff. ... I would wager and say that every team [steals signals]. How much do they push it, how far do they take it, I think that's the real debate."

Listen to the full podcast above!

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