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Ortiz Sick Of Red Sox 'Drama,' Would He Join Yankees?

BOSTON (CBS) – David Ortiz is sick of the Red Sox drama, and may bolt town for some greener pastures.

Or at least pinstriped ones.

In an interview with ESPN, the Red Sox DH told Colleen Dominguez he may consider a change of scenery when he hits free agency if the mood around the Red Sox doesn't improve.

"There's too much drama, man," Ortiz said about the Sox. "There's too much drama. I have been thinking about a lot of things. I don't know if I want to be part of this drama for next year."

"The owners need to take care of it right now so everybody can come in with a fresh mind next year and do what they're supposed to do," he said.

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And then there is the prospect Big Papi heads to the Yankees. At this point, Ortiz wouldn't pass up any option, even if it means joining the Red Sox' biggest rival.

"That's something I gotta think about," said Ortiz. "I've been here on the Red Sox a long time, and I've seen how everything goes down between these two ballclubs."

"It's great from what I hear," he said of the Yankees. "It's a good situation to be involved in. Who doesn't want to be involved in a great situation where everything goes the right way?"

"They lost just like we did, they just went to the first round of the playoffs. I ain't heard nobody coming out killing everybody just because they lost," added Ortiz.

Ortiz called the Red Sox September collapse "devastating" but would not blame it on the in-game shenanigans like pitchers drinking in the clubhouse and playing video games.

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"We had that when we won the World Series in 2004," he said. "We had that when we won the World Series in 2007. Beer in the clubhouse, it's always been there. Video games, that's always been there; guys eating fried chicken, that's always been there."

And Ortiz certainly wouldn't blame it all on his former manager, Terry Francona.

"I don't know why people want to blame (Francona) for all of this," Ortiz said. "He can tell us what to do. But he is not the one who has to go out there and perform."

After hitting .309 with 29 home runs and 96 RBI in 2010, Ortiz will become a free agent after the World Series.

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