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Norwood Store Searching For Mystery Musician Who Dazzled Shoppers

NORWOOD (CBS) - At Remarkable Cleanouts on Endicott Street in Norwood, you know what you will find.

"It's just all kinds of stuff. Anything from Waterford to a dining room set, guitars, musical instruments, you can get anything you want," said owner Mark Waters. "When you come down here on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday plan on staying here for a good 3-4 hours."

And turns out, the antiques aren't the only treasures.

"[Over the weekend,] this young gentleman came in, he said to Melissa, 'You don't mind if I play the piano?' Absolutely help yourself! He started playing and the place lit up!" Waters said.

The mystery musician dazzled the crowd and was on his way. Days later, fellow shoppers are still raving about his performance, and everyone agrees that piano belongs with him.

Norwood piano
A mystery musician entertained customers at Remarkable Cleanouts (WBZ-TV)

"We'll give him the piano. Bring the kid in! We'd be more than happy to bring it to him. We can't find him! Nobody knows who this young man was," Waters explained.

If they find the customer, and the man has no space or use for the piano, Mark would love to simply pay him to play some more.

"Especially in today's society. Everybody's on each other's nerves. You can't blame them; Everybody's locked up. There's too much stuff going on in this life. Let's loosen up, relax, chill out. If you can use the piano? Good. Our customers are the best. We do have a good time. It's just a fun place. And that's the way I want it to be. Fun."

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