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Exclusive NH Tracking Poll: Sanders And Buttigieg Lead Amid Signs Of Momentum For Klobuchar

BOSTON (CBS) -- This wild, fluid New Hampshire primary just got a little wilder.

All week long, the story has been the rise of Pete Buttigieg to co-frontrunner status with Bernie Sanders. The latest exclusive WBZ/Boston Globe/Suffolk University tracking poll shows they're still co-leaders within the poll's 4.4% margin of error, with Sanders holding steady at 24% and Buttigieg slipping a bit to 22%.

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden remain static in third and fourth places with 13% and 10% respectively.

But now there's another candidate on a bit of a roll.

Amy Klobuchar is right behind Biden now at 9%, up three points over Friday night. She appears to be the only candidate to get a boost from Friday's debate, with two-thirds of the poll taken during and after that event.

And it seems the debate injected doubt into the minds of some voters. The undecideds rose from 7% Friday night to 12% Saturday night.

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Remember, the wild card in any New Hampshire primary is independents, the largest group of voters in the state.

Sanders still leads with independents, but his 26% is off four points from where he was when the week began. Buttigieg is right behind with 24%, a net gain of 13 points since Monday.

But it's Klobuchar who has moved into a virtual third-place tie with Warren. Her 10% support from independents represents a six point bounce since Monday.

"Sanders looks well-positioned if he can bring out his youth vote. Buttigieg looks comfortable in second place at least," said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. "But to me the real excitement is who's gonna get that third ticket among Warren, Biden and now a streaking Klobuchar."

More than four in 10 voters say they still might change their minds before Tuesday, so be sure to check back with WBZ-TV Sunday night at 11 for our final exclusive WBZ/Globe/Suffolk tracking poll.

The WBZ-TV/Boston Globe/Suffolk University tracking poll is a two-day rolling sample of 500 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters.


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