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Newton Woman's Art Featured On First Night Button

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston's First Night celebration features 1,000 artists, in 200 performances and exhibits, in 35 locations, but to get in, you need a button. That's your ticket. Every year artists submit designs for that iconic bit of First Night, and this year's winner hopes her work will make everyone's celebration that much brighter.

Maria Termini describes her First Night artwork as "a star in a very happy atmosphere." "I do a lot of stars. I think stars are very happy things and I think of this star as a dancing star," she says.

Her original design has been translated onto the First Night button. After submitting designs for several years, the Newton artist is delighted her work was selected, and will be worn by thousands on New Year's Eve. "I'm glad I can share my artwork with a lot more people, and I'm glad it can be a part of the First Night celebration," says Termini.

Her First Night piece is reflected in her other work. "My imagery comes from nature, and it comes from people, especially dancers, because I've had dance experience so I'm familiar with the body and how it can pose," she says.

The First Night star is mixed media, water colors and crayon. "To me it's always an adventure, and I never know exactly where it's going, so it's never boring," she says. "I hope the button will remind them of how important it is to celebrate and to celebrate life, to celebrate First Night and to treat every day as a gift, every day as a miracle and see each day as a cup to be filled with good things," she says.

Maria will be part of the First Night Grand Procession. She says she'll be the one waving, dancing and throwing kisses.

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