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New WBZ-TV Reporter Has Memorable Miscue On National TV

BOSTON (CBS) – For most people, your first day at a new job may be hard to forget.

For Chris McKinnon, it's one many people will remember, across the country.

McKinnon marked his first day at WBZ-TV Thursday morning reporting on a shark attack in Plymouth.

He was also asked to do a live report for the network on CBS This Morning.

After his taped piece aired, he "sent it back" as they say in the TV business to Charlie Rose and Gayle King at the network headquarters in New York City.

They chatted about the shark story and then King wanted to congratulate McKinnon on his first day, saying "Welcome, what a story you have."

Unfortunately for Chris, he thought his live shot was over and he walked away, just as they put him back on national television.


Charlie Rose-Gayle King
Charlie Rose and Gayle King laugh after Chris walked away. (CBS)

Rose, King, and the CBS studio crew had a good laugh as McKinnon hurried back to get on camera.

"Chris says, 'I'm outta here! So long suckers!'" King said, still laughing.

After Mckinnon waved back at them, clearly embarrassed, King said, "Nice job! Welcome!"

Rose then told him, "Chris, the great whites are in the water, not on land."

Watch the clip:




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