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New England Patriots Foundation launches girls high school flag football league at Gillette Stadium

Patriots Foundation launches girls high school flag football league
Patriots Foundation launches girls high school flag football league 02:09

FOXBORO - The New England Patriots Foundation launched a girls high school flag football league.

Thursday afternoon, schools from across our area met at Gillette Stadium for kick-off. They were gifted uniforms and were welcomed by Patriots legend Andre Tippet. The league includes eight schools who will play for a championship trophy.

"I can't wait to be making history," said Peabody junior Luiza.

The New England Patritos Foundation donated $5,000 to eight high school teams and custom jerseys from Nike to support the start of the growing sport.

"A lot of young ladies only get to play until 8th grade and that's not fair. Let's give them the same opportunities as the young men," said Tippet, who's supporting the teams on and off the field. "There are other teams around the league that have kicked off high school flag football we thought it was a great idea."

The Patriots organization is pushing high school and college sports associations to recognize girls flag football as a varsity sport, potentially providing scholarship opportunities to players.

"I know the importance of having a scholarship and a free ride," said Tippet.

"Our school counts it as a club and I don't see why. This is a sport and we do just as much as every other sport," said Luiza.

This group of girls is proud to be blazing a trail for future flag football players as they prepare for their season ahead.

"I've been playing football for years and it just means a lot to me, that it's big and out everywhere," said Woburn high schooler Ella Walsh.

"It was pretty cool watching them. They compete at a high level and I think it will be only a matter of time before we start seeing some young ladies out there," said Tippet.

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