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Patriots Fan Gets Brady, Belichick Tattoo On His Back

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) -- Many New England Patriots fans are willing to spend thousands for the opportunity to support their team at the AFC Championship game this weekend. For a few, the experience is not enough, they want to show their loyalty to the Pats with something a bit more permanent.

"It was when they were playing Seattle in the super bowl and Marshawn Lynch was on the two-yard line and I'm sitting there sweating and I'm like 'man, if they win, I'm putting Belichick on my back," Nick D'Alfonso remembered.

Belichick, hoodie and all with none other than the GOAT, Tom Brady, is tattooed on D'Alfonso's back. It was his very first tattoo.

"He said, 'alright, you know the deal.' And I said, 'actually I don't know the deal. I'm not a tattoo guy. This is my first time doing it.' He said 'it's going to be eight hours of that' and I said 'let's roll.'"

Nick D'Alfonso has Tom Brady and Bill Belichick tattooed on his back (WBZ-TV)

D'Alfonso's tattoo is by Matthew Brown of the Underworld Tattoo Company in Salem, New Hampshire.

At the Boston Tattoo Company in Cambridge, they've seen many fans like D'Alfonso.

Jason Michalak has been a tattoo artist for nearly 20 years. Even doing one recently for Patriots Assistant Coach Demarcus Covington.

"A lot of people get the old logo with the guy crouched down," Michalak said.

Patriots tattoo
Nick D'Alfonso has Tom Brady and Bill Belichick tattooed on his back (WBZ-TV)

Owner Jason Zube says everyone's reasoning is different.

"Everyone has a different reason for getting a Patriots tattoo. Sometimes, it's just they have the memory when they were kids and they went to a game with their fathers or trying to explain it to a newer generation how bad the Patriots were, kind of embellishing the great record and the great team we have," Zube said.

For D'Alfonso, he remembers having season tickets the year the Patriots went undefeated.

"For 18 years now the main source of my happiness honestly, most consistent thing in my life is them two winning games," he explained.

Owner Jason Zube (WBZ-TV)

D'Alfonso may be one of the first to show this level of dedication to the two but probably won't be the last.

"It will be interesting to see, Belichick and Brady are such a great team it will be like the real end to a dynasty when they decide to hang them it up. Let's keep our fingers crossed they keep playing as long as well as they are," Zube explained.

"I hope they win the Super Bowl this year. I'm putting the rings on my back and if they do that I'll put six," D'Alfonso said.

If the Patriots do win the AFC championship and head to another Super Bowl, the Boston Tattoo Company expects they will be making a lot more of patriots appointments.

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