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Netflix For Movie Theaters? Boston Chain To Offer 'Unlimited' Moviegoing Pass

BOSTON (CBS) -- A Netflix-like deal is coming to some movie theaters in Boston: Pay a single monthly fee and go to the movies every day without having to buy a ticket.

It's called MoviePass, and it will launch early next year at AMC theaters in Boston and Denver only. It's the first time a movie theater chain has offered a premium subscription service, AMC and MoviePass say.

For $45 per month, theatergoers can see one movie per day, including 3D and "AMC ETX" movies. A standard subscription limited to 2D movies costs $35 monthly.

AMC and MoviePass said they are adjusting to a new reality where many, especially young people, are used to paying for entertainment via subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu.

"This pilot will provide more convenience for our guests, and responds to the preference of many consumers for monthly entertainment subscriptions such as music and magazines, which we believe will increase the frequency of movie going," said Christina Sternberg, senior vice president of corporate strategy and communications.

About 75 percent of MoviePass subscribers are between the ages of 18 and 34, and those that signed up showed a 64 percent increase in movie attendance, the service said.


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